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    Company Background
Started in Singapore since 1998, PANCAKE KING offers a wide range of freshly Cook-On-The-Spot delicacies in the following areas:
  • Pancakes
  • Local Delights
  • Cakes, Pies & Pastries
The products are sold mainly through food kiosks in coffee shops, food courts or malls via a network of company owned or franchisee operated outlets.

Strict Policy: Fresh & Natural Ingredients Preferred. No Artificial Flavoring, No MSG added, No Preservative & No Further Explanation.

MONEY BACK GUARNATEE: If, for whatsoever reason that you dont like our products, we will give you a full refund. No gimmick.

    What The Media Say about PANCAKE KING
  • "You cant deny that few people in food business dare to offer Money Back Guarantee as an assurance for its product superiority."
    Translated from Lianhe Zaobao, July 98

  • "Think of Peanut Pancake - PANCAKE KING is always ranked No. 1 "
    Translated from NTUC Lifestyle Magazine (Chinese version), Sept 99

  • "In fact, the pancakes are so hot that business is expanding rapidly."
    The Straits Times - Sunday Plus, April 99

  • "Having tried the food, I dare say no refunds are necessary"
    WEEKEND FOOD, Oct 99 Singapore Press Holdings

  • "The golden pancake has a very smooth surface and has a nice, crispy crunch to it After the initial crunch on the outside, you can taste the soft & chewy pancake.The peanut filling is generous and its sweetness is just right."
    EAT Magazine, Oct 2004

  • ..sometimes it is difficult to digest the combination of simplicity & success..."
    By PRIME Magazine - cover page story, Sept-Oct 2009

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    Franchise Opportunity
We are looking for potential franchisees to operate our franchise. Please free to contact us at Email: info@madjackgroup.com or call 6846-8231
  • Proven Business & Franchise System
    Our business has been established for more than 15 years since 1998.

  • Superb Products
    Our products are freshly made On-The-Spot to ensure superb taste, quality & nutritional value.

  • High Success Rate
    We know exactly what it takes to succeed. As a franchise, you ride on our expertise, experience & support.

  • Low Start-Up Cost

  • High Return & Low Risk

  • On-going Innovation & Improvement

  • Easy To Operate & Manage

  • 100% Cash Business No bad debt issue

  • Low Wastage

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