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    Benefits Of Our Franchises
  • Proven Business Model
    The concepts are proven with lots of hard work, money, wild ideas & madness over the years. All the concepts have ridiculously tested system & processes for the long-term success.

  • Brand Equity
    Singapore is known for its credibility in business. A Singapore brand will lend you much credibility in the regional markets. An established brand can be accepted & recognized by customers easily. You will also enjoy group advertising & promotion leverage.

  • Unique Product & Concept
    Each of our concepts has its unique MAD product range and advantages. We constantly innovate to differentiate our products in the market place.

  • High Success Rate
    Though we are MAD & wiLD, we know what it take to succeed. We have a system & process in place to ensure we have more than 80% Success rate in every project we undertake ourselves or with our franchisees.

  • High Return On Investment
    Money talks, bullshit walks. Return On Investment is the ultimate measurement of our businesses. We always consider a ridiculous amount of safety margin & potentially crazy up-sides for every investment opportunity. We adopt a value-based strategy in a die-hard manner for our shareholders, franchisees & partners.

  • Proven MAD Record
    We have a proven MAD record in operating crazy businesses. You can be rest assured of lots of fun & plenty of rewards with us.

  • Simple Franchise System
    Simplicity is the key. Our franchise system is kept as simple as possible to ensure that it is idiot-proof. We always aim for win-win-win situations with our franchisees & partners. We keep things like Simple Simon to make it easy to do business.

  • Cash Business, No Bad Debt
    Cash is King. Our business has no bad debt. Other than the initial investment for setting up the business, the business can generate cash for future expansion easily unless you plan to gamble the cash flow away.

  • Low Risk
    It is relatively low risk if you follow a proven business model with established brand & good system. You could almost close-your-eye & ride on the MADness of our company. You will enjoy the full backing & support of our F&B experience established over the years as well as the on-going innovation & improvement.

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    What We Will Provide To Franchisees:
  • Comprehensive Consultation
  • Site Selection & Lease Negotiation
  • Full Training & Support
  • Project Management & Outlet Opening
  • Ongoing Support & Improvement
  • Advertising & Promotion
  • New Products & Services

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    Submit Your Location
If you have a location that may be suitable for our franchises, please email the detail to us at info@madjackgroup.com

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    Start Up Cost
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    Franchise Brochure
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